ministers of the rose of sharon pentecostal church 2018

ordained ministers

sr. pastor janie robles: conviene que yo declare las señales y milagros que el dios altísimo ha hecho conmigo. daniel 4:2
sr. pastor robles has lead this congregation for close to forty years.  she has taught by many messages and by example.  the congregation is well informed about sin, repentance, salvation, baptism, and eternal life in heaven or hell because of her teachings over the years.  sickness does not keep her home.  losing her son and husband did not slow her down.  sr. pastor robles is a woman who believes church is important in the lives of a christian, that sunday school is the spiritual backbone, and if you miss service, she will be knocking at your door or calling you the next day to see if you are ok.  many men and women have grown and matured spiritually because of her pushes in the things of god.  many men and women of god thank her for her encouragement, motivation, and vision of what god could do for them over the years.  she gives all honor and glory to god, who is worthy of it and all her praises go to him.  she is 77 years old and loves to brag on god, that she will not stop preaching until he takes her by death or comes for her in the rapture.  he last earthly breaths will be praising and thanking god and telling others to get their spiritual lives right with god before it is too late. 

pastor janie jo lopez: for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  john 3:16
pastor janie jo is the daughter of sr. pastor robles, so she has learned from the best.  pastor janie jo has a compassion heart.  she feels for the less fortunate souls and will tell anyone willing to listen about how much jesus loves them and what he can do for them.  she often testifies how god completely changed her life from one church service.  she was the last one in her family to go to church, because she just knew that if she went, something would happen to her spiritually and she would never be the same again.  that's exactly how it happened.  one night, when she was 17 years old, she finally gave up and went to church.  god talked touched her heart, she prayed and asked god for forgiveness and was never the same again.  she feel in love with god and has been serving him all these years.  she is a great pastor.  you can talk to her about any question or concern.  she is fair and will take the time to discuss the word of god with you until you understand what it is you need to know.  she preaches messages of love, faith, and courage.  she also preaches against sin, living for jesus, and gods expectations for his children.  she did not ask for the position of pastor.  god called her to take the position.  at first, she fought it, then she made up her mind, that it wasn't what she wanted to do, but what god wanted her to do.  she has been serving as pastor for 11 years, and will continue to serve until god calls her home, or comes for his people.  either way, she will continue her job as pastor, giving god honor and glory.   

co-pastor jessie deleza: be thou faithful unto death and i will give you a crown of life.  revelation 2:10 every bible story is co-pastor jessie's favorite bible story.  she finds something unbelievable in every story that will "wow" her every time she reads it.  co-pastor jessie has served at the rose of sharon church for close to 40 years.  during that time, she has seen god do amazing works in her own life, in the lives of her children, and in the lives of her church family.  she is a humble person who gives all credit to god for the successes in her life and for helping her through the difficult times.  she works hard in the church trying to help the new followers grow spiritually, answer questions according to the bible, and preaching the word of god.  she was elected co-pastor 8 years and is appreciative of the honor.  she is known as a plain and simple person that loves god and will do for you what ever she can.  her messages include topics about miracles, trusting god, and people who turn their backs on god, and the consequences that comes with that.  she is dedicated to telling other about jesus, whether it be from a pulpit, at her house, in a jail cell, or on the street.  if you know co-pastor jessie, you know she is going to talk to you about jesus.  

associate pastor martin huerta: i can do all things through christ who strengthens me.  philippians 4:13 associate pastor martin is a god fearing man.  he was raised by godly parents who taught him about god and took him to church faithfully.  after associate pastor martin came of age to leave home, he began to run his own ways for a period of time.   his parents continued to pray for him and one day god reached him and brought him back.  associate pastor martin believes in the miracles god can do with all his heart.  with the help of god, he has taught the adult sunday school english class for 6 years.  he has a lot of young adults in his class so he is able to share how he was never able to completely run away from god and because of his parents who prayed for him constantly.  he could never forget about god either.  having to study to prepare for the lesson has forced associate pastor martin to do some serious studying, which has helped him to continue grow spiritually, and also given him the foundation for preaching his sermons.  associate pastor martin has had this position for 7 years.  many of his messages are about people falling into sin because of their faults and stubbornness.  he also preaches many messages about how god moves in difficult situations.  associate pastor martin works in many different areas in the church.  he is very active in the church and does whatever he can to help the church run smoother.  

joy limones: 
arturo lopez:  palabra fiel y digna de ser recibida por todos: que cristo jesús vino al mundo para salvar a los pecadores, de los cuales yo soy el primero.  1 timoteo 1:15 brother arturo is a living bank of bible knowledge.  because he is retired, he is able to spend many hours studying each day.  he work, fun, entertainment is involved in the word of god, and praising and worshiping god.  regardless of what topic you would like to discuss, brother arturo can tell you exactly what the bible says about it and show you where it is in the bible.  he uses several versions of the bible and many study books in his studies.  brother arturo also often teaches the adult spanish sunday school class.  when one of the teachers is unable to teach, he always fills in.  he is a great blessing of knowledge to our church.  brother arturo also serves god by being a provider for less fortunate people.  he visits garage sales and buys gently used clothes, receives donations from many who know he does this work, and takes them to people who are needy of clothes, sometimes to mexico, sometimes to border towns.  brother arturo works to serves god in the capacity that he can, whether teaching, witnessing, or taking clothes to the poor.  

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assistant ministers

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