our beautiful church sign is paid in full.  it was a long 4 years, but month after month, God provided!
vbs 2018- surviving the jungle

vbs 2017- another great year!
"factory maker"

vbs june 20-23
cave quest!
for all children ages 4-12

2016 yeah!  what will god have in store for his people?  check out the calendar on this website and the rose of sharon facebook page.
rose of sharon facebook

it's been a greet 2015 year.  one of the things god is allowing us to do is enlarge the parking lot.  the men are working hard after a long days work to come to the church and work on the church parking lot.  it's been very hot, and some of the men work outside all day long, but nothing holds them back.  may god's hand continue to be over you brother's and bless you more than enough.  thanks to all the sister's who provide water and dinner for the brother's who are working.



vbs 2015